Sucka MCs Bitin’ my Rhymes, Intellectual Property, WTF!!???

Although I am a sensual Tantric Goddess (and a lawyer too), I still go crazy from time to time. I went stoneSucker MCs Album ballistic this week when I discovered that somebody in Ohio had cut and pasted some of the text directly from my website into some online advertising for her services. The nerve! I slaved and agonized, birthed and edited every little piece of that website until it was to my liking, and along comes a Sucka MC Bitin’ My Rhymes!!! You kids born after the 80’s may not have a clue about Run DMC’s Song about Sucker MCs. Sucka MCs are people who don’t think up their original stuff so they “bite” or copy stuff from us creative folks. I used to beat up my little sister for things like that. I must have a primitive territorial instinct to stop at no violent act to protect my intellectual property. Otherwise I am civilized.

I wanted to get in my car and jack that woman up but instead I took a few Cobra Breaths and decided to take a new approach. Instead of seeking her out like a hound to stomp her face into a greasy pulp on the pavement, I kindly responded to her ad, requesting that she remove the offending text, and I even went a step farther and offered to help her to compose some unique language that more accurately describes her services.

Lo and behold! It worked! No ass-whoopin’, no blood-lettin’, no law suit! I feel happy now.


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  1. Tamara
    May 12, 2008 @ 20:34:29

    Lisa, girl, I am so PROUD of you. It is HARD letting go of the primal instinct sometimes, especially when someone takes an action that directly hits us in the gut. You took the high road, let your loving Goddessness shine through, and all was good. I’m taking a lesson to remember that loves conquers all . . . especially stank actions from good people! 😉


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