Goddesses in Bikinis

It’s Time for Change

Yesterday my sis called me, so excited to tell me that she’s made the decision to buy and wear a bikini this year. Now she’s never really been fat except when she was a baby/toddler and when she was pregnant. But she is a normal sized woman who has three children, the youngest only one year old. Not a skinny little stick, and by no means overweight. She confessed that she never owned a bikini since she was about 3 years old. We went over some valid points about irrational unwritten bikini law, which by the way, only exists in the United States.

You don’t need to be skinny to look good in a two-piece. Haven’t you ever seen a bag of bones sagging and looking a hot mess in a bikini? Haven’t you ever seen a fit, plump woman (considered fat by U.S. standards) looking delicious in a bikini? Now this is not to say that all skinny women look bad and all juicy women look good. It’s highly individual.

It is most important that the swimsuit is flattering to the wearer, not the size or shape of the wearer, and not an attempt to hide something. Remember those ridiculous color-block suits of the 1980s? Some women look more fabulous in a skirt-kini than a string bikini. In some cases it just doesn’t matter as much. For example, some Goddesses have prominent round protruding bellies. Does it really make a difference whether it is in a one piece or a two piece? You still see the belly just the same. Unless the one-piece is a girdle-type suit like Miraclesuit, that squeezes the belly in a few inches, it will in no way modify or conceal the belly so what difference does it make? What if the woman with the big round protruding belly has a beautiful complexion? Why should the beautiful skin on her belly be hidden from view? She’s got belly. Get over it.

I have to admit, that I am not a fan of flesh popping out of clothing, I am also not a fan of large swaths of gobbly skin showing, or skeleton-like bodies with very little fabric covering them, but that’s just me. Still, that leaves a plethora of different sizes and shapes that are perfectly suitable or even looking damn good in a bikini. Why don’t we just get over the media-fed stereotypical standards and listen to our own hearts?

If you look yummy in that bikini, Goddess, wear it and wear it with pride! Instead of conforming, choose to express a higher level of carefree sensuality that will turn heads in a positive way!


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  1. Nadia
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 21:23:18

    I actually really liked this post. I have never read anything like this before, but I like the whole Goddess terminology too. I spent most of the night finding articles calling women my size “fat.” I never knew that a size 14 was bad.

    I do wear a two piece. I enjoy it. And I’ve noticed that the men at the beach seem to enjoy the extra curves too. Every woman is only as beautiful as she feels. So we should all feel beautiful in our own skin and clothes.


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