Tasteful Women’s Erotica on Passion Fruit

I used to write erotica. It’s all lost now with my busted desktop computer. I didn’t publish it, I only wrote it for fun until my husband discovered it and enjoyed it himself. I didn’t write the rough and trashy stuff or pornography. It was simply sexy short stories.

My view is that sexuality is a normal and healthy part of human life. I don’t view it as sinful or dirty, as long as willing grown-up participants are involved. I do not however, think it is entirely appropriate to expose young people to all of the aspects and intimate details of sexuality before they are ready. All they need to know is that sexual activity is not taboo, and that it is shared by adults in a respectful manner who appreciate all the possible risks involved. It is important that as goddesses we learn to accept our sexuality and not allow anyone to steer or exploit it. It belongs to us and we have the right to enjoy it. Our bodies are our temples, we can bring pleasure to them.

Now for us grown and sexy people, sexy stuff is just plain fun! It’s juicy, and it is stimulating to the mind and the senses. Some of my favorite classical literature involves scandalous women. Have you ever read Moll Flanders by DeFoe? I couldn’t put it down!

Now that I have a publishing outlet I am thinking of writing and sharing some of my erotica here with my fellow goddesses. Don’t worry, Passion Fruit will not turn into a sex blog. I just think that every once in a while I can throw in a short story here and there. I don’t include explicit images though, I leave that up to you to create in your own mind.

Do tell me what you think about this idea. Would you like to read some of my scrumptious tales? Do you think it would be a spectacular addition to this blog? This is one of the very rare occasions that I actually give a rat’s ass about what someone else thinks.  Ok well, maybe not so much, really…I’m just curious.

So take advantage and PLEASE COMMENT.


Forty is the New Twenty? We Hope Not

My close friend and gorgeous goddess Eve, who is 40

By Tina Tobin

When turning forty it seemed that I was assaulted by the phrase “forty is the new twenty.” It was especially targeted at women since advertisers seem to assume that we are more susceptible to these messages than men. I first heard this proclamation when Demi Moore turned 40 and pictures of her in a bikini were on all the newsstands. Like many women in their mid-thirties, I hit the gym a little harder hoping to have a body like Demi when we turned 40.

Years later, we had to face everything we knew to be true about time and gravity. We women were still all for staying in shape, but we had to acknowledge the reality of trying to look twenty at forty. It is at best, overly optimistic, and at worst, borderline neurotic.

Around this time women were given a new outlook on this pitch of forty being the new twenty when Demi and the much younger Ashton Kutcher became an item. Maybe we don’t need to look twenty we all thought, maybe we can just act twenty. This brief fantasy didn’t feel right either. For most of us there are too many responsibilities at forty that don’t allow us to act like we’re twenty. Although women with reliable baby sitters did get a few Saturday nights of acting twenty.

So if we didn’t want to look or act twenty, we needed to ask ourselves “What is so great about twenty that anyone would want to recreate it at forty?” Aside from looking good in those skinny jeans that have made an unfortunate comeback, most women I know couldn’t think of anything. When we were twenty we worried about what nearly everyone thought about us. By age forty our list of people whose opinions we cared about was very small, and filled only with people that would say kind things about us.

Somewhere along the line, Demi Moore also seemed to find that there is a freedom to being in your forties that you don’t have in your twenties. Photos of her in glamorous clothes at Hollywood hot spots were replaced with photos of her in a ball cap driving her kids to soccer games. Of course this new look meant that she was photographed a lot less, but I guess she crossed the paparazzi of her list of people to impress about the same time we crossed off the women who go to gym wearing make-up and designer work-out clothes.

So after quite a bit of reflecting, I feel comfortable saying that women don’t want forty to be the new twenty. We wouldn’t mind a few less wrinkles and other trivial perks that come with being twenty, but we wouldn’t trade the lessons and the joys that graced us during the years between twenty and forty. I’d like to think that we are wiser at forty than we were at twenty. The true test is if we have learned to enjoy whatever age we happen to be and not waste a moment trying to go backwards.

Tina Tobin has been an advocate for women and family issues for many years. She is the creator of the interactive website http://www.luvemorleavem.com where women can share straight-forward relationship advice.

Pulled Barbecue Chicken–Oh So Fast and Easy in the Pressure Cooker!

As promised in my post about the pressure cooker June 10, 2008, I tried the pulled chicken. It was so easy. I took some boneless skinless chicken thighs and put them in the pressure cooker with some chicken broth and garlic cloves. I let it cook for maybe 40 minutes. When I opened the pot the chicken fell apart as I pulled at it gently with a pair of tongs. I added my favorite seasonings and barbecue sauce and you could have sworn that your ole’ Uncle Gus was here. That particular day I was in a hurry but the next time I will finish off the chicken on the grill with some mesquite wood chips for more of the smoky flavor. Who says city folk don’t know nothin’ about no bbq?!

What is Carefree Sensuality?

Carefree sensuality is casual beauty that is natural and undeliberate and appealing to the senses beyond simply the visual. It does not involve hiding anything or putting anything on gaudy display. Someone who has carefree sensuality does not try too hard. She never buys in to the heavily orchestrated overly sexualized showy motions of the insecure attention starved girls with the desperate hope that every eye is on her. A woman with carefree sensuality can throw on a sundress with no bra and an old pair of sandals to meet friends in a cafe, and her efforts do not vary based on the gender of those she comes in contact with.

Carefree sensuality begins with confidence, not the confidence of a peacock strutting around a courtyard beckoning a glance from every passerby, but the confidence that allows for paying attention to surroundings and not being preoccupied with every detail of one’s self. She cares about how she looks but she is not obsessed with it. She emits a powerful energy force that attracts people of both genders while they have no idea why. It is a rich and decadent beauty that can’t be faked or bought in a bottle and goes far deeper than just looks, into the soul.

Don’t Vote for Barack Obama because he’s Black!

In 2004 during the Democratic National Convention I was getting ready to go somewhere. I was in the bathroom prettying up while the television blared in the bedroom so I could hear it. As I primped my eyelashes I heard a speaker come on. Bla, bla, bla, and then I started hearing some things that got my attention. Someone was talking about being united as Americans. He spoke to us as a collective whole, not by the insincere and overused phrase “the Amerrrican [sic] people”. This speaker didn’t sound clever or crafty, he didn’t have any stupid catchy sayings. He communicated in a way that was clear and comprehensible to a broad range of social backgrounds by not dumbing down his message and also not employing the use of jargon and senseless word pairings. I was impressed, clearly as many many others were, as was indicated by the enthusiastic cheers he got after every paragraph of his eloquent speech.

I still had no idea who this guy was and I felt compelled to put down the face paint and go find out who this was because whoever was speaking to me that night needed to run for president as soon as possible. Out of the bathroom I walked to find out that it was Barack Obama, running for the Senate in Illinois, and incredibly handsome black man. I was not surprised, I was refreshed, elated, and proud. I just looked at it again on U-Tube and it brought tears to my eyes all over again.

I have not been particularly proud to be American for the past several years. Now I am not a gullible person at all but hearing that speech I felt the hope, the possibilities, and that somehow things were not nearly as bad as I had thought. Oh, the potential for the United States of America. (I think that sounds so corny but it’s actually true).

I have agreed with all Obama’s ideas with the exception of only one or two from the beginning. The picture of America that he paints is the one I would truly love to see. This is why I will vote for Obama. The fact that he is black is just icing on the cake. I never expected to see this history being written in my lifetime and I am thrilled to be here now.

Let me tell you how we can get into trouble for voting for a phenotype without regard to the ideas and issues at hand. Here in Washington DC we had one the worst mayors (I didn’t say the worst, I said ONE OF the worst, so please no flames)–Anthony Williams. He was basically a George Bush in a black man’s body. But because too many of my fellow Washingtonians were to afraid to vote for a white female Republican, Carol Schwartz, a progressive candidate who was all down for the PEOPLE. She wanted to fix the broken infrastructure and bureaucracy in this town for EVERYONE, not just the wealthy developers or the wealthy white neighborhoods. So we got into a mess.

So, vote for Obama! But not because he is a black man and you want to see a black man in the White House. Honestly, I think I would rather have seen a WOMAN in the White House. But I think Obama is the best candidate now. Vote for him because he inspires you, because you think he can help us make our country the best it can be. Or whatever the reason, just make sure your vote is an informed and intelligent one.

Sensuality and Health

Yes, something as scrumptious as sensuality is extremely instrumental in improving health. Sensuality is not about burning calories trying new sex positions. Sensual awareness positively affects health by greatly reducing stress, generating more physical and mental energy from within, and creating an easy and foolproof method of weight control. Sensuality involves daily practices in which attention is focused on passion, creativity, enjoyment, and sensual perception in order to become and remain deeply connected with life.

Paying close attention what you feel, see, hear, smell, and taste, creates a sweet respite from life’s discomforts and challenges and also allows you to come out of your head and observe your body and mind in an objective way. In a way, sensuality is expanded awareness of your breathing and energy movements. The body has various internal energies that work on their own to maintain homeostasis, or healthy equilibrium, that is your natural state. When your senses are alert, you are able to recognize the calm, awake, relaxation that occurs because you have stepped outside of your analytical mind. Many physiological changes take place as you focus on subtle sensorial pleasures. Breathing deepens and slows, blood pressure normalizes, oxygen is directed to areas of the body that need it, helping the body to repair itself, and preventing new damage due to the physical effects of stress.

Sensual enjoyment alters the chemistry of your body and brain to direct the body to a state of health and vitality. The brain and nervous system are transmitters and receptors of electromagnetic energy, similar to the earth’s poles. Like magnets, we can attract these energies into and within the body. The state of the mind has a direct effect of the body’s internal energy flow as well as the interaction between the internal and external energies. The more sensitive you are to the energy movements, the easier it becomes to direct these energies to the body parts and organs where it is needed for strengthening or healing. Blockages of energy in tissues and organs create disease and degeneration. Once the energy flows are stabilized, the body operates more efficiently because energy is not wasted or stifled, and there is more available for exercise and everyday movement.

Preparing and enjoying food is extremely sensual. When you bring consciousness to food and create a pleasurable ambiance, it is impossible to engorge yourself with unhealthy foods. Taking time to arrange the food attractively and receive the food with gratitude and full presence will not only make you take notice of what kinds of food you put into your mouth, but it also greatly extends the pleasure gained from eating smaller portion sizes and finding satisfaction with less. Essentially, mealtime can be an effective meditation. Taking your time and taking pleasure with the aromas, textures, and tastes of the food aids in easier digestion and allows the feeling of satisfaction and fullness to kick in before you have eaten too much. The food choices that you make as part of a mindful eating plan will gradually become healthier, fresher, with more emphasis on natural fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, seemingly with no effort at all. When you indulge in decadent foods in a mindful manner, you are allowed to enjoy the experience in moderation, without the guilt and without worry of gaining weight. Unhealthy cravings subside greatly. Mindful eating is incredibly easy and leaves you more satisfied, with no complicated diet plans or restrictions.

Make time for creativity and sensual experiences every day. It is not too good to be true that you can release stress, maintain a healthy weight, and increase physical energy without a grueling, complicated regimen, and while having fun.

Busy Foodie? Get a Pressure Cooker

My family was enjoying an afternoon at the swimming pool when it occurred to me that it was a perfect afternoon for some potato salad and smoked salmon on ciabatta bread. (Our Norwegian friends turned us on to this deliciously odd combination). But it was already 6pm and I didn’t even have any potatoes. This dinner could take until midnight to prepare because the boiling and cooling of the potatoes takes at least an hour and a half. But then I remembered my fabulous pressure cooker. It’s just a pot with a locking lid and a steam nozzle on top. I am not completely sure how this contraption works but it cuts the cooking time by around 70% on most foods. I picked up some potatoes and it took about 15 minutes to cook them completely in the pressure cooker. Voila! Potato salad in way less time than usual.

A pressure cooker is useful for greens, beans, eggplant, or just about anything else that we would normally eat only on a weekend because it takes too long to cook. I also have read that you can put meat in it and it will cook quickly and be very tender. I have not tried this myself but I do plan to make some pulled bbq chicken in it soon.

When I first got the pressure cooker I was afraid of it because it makes a loud whistling sound and the warnings say that you should never force the lid open or it could blow off and cause serious injuries and probably damage to the kitchen ceiling. But since then I have found that there is not really much to be afraid of. The top locks on while the pressure is high and will not release until the pressure decreases to a safe level. Even so, it is best to open the lid slowly and carefully and away from you so that the rush of steam will not burn your face.

I imagine that this is the perfect kitchen gadget for busy people who may not take time to plan meals ahead of time, or foodies who make menu decisions on a whim. It is rather inexpensive and extremely convenient. It can also be used for canning fruits and vegetables as well. That’s another adventure on my list.

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