What is Carefree Sensuality?

Carefree sensuality is casual beauty that is natural and undeliberate and appealing to the senses beyond simply the visual. It does not involve hiding anything or putting anything on gaudy display. Someone who has carefree sensuality does not try too hard. She never buys in to the heavily orchestrated overly sexualized showy motions of the insecure attention starved girls with the desperate hope that every eye is on her. A woman with carefree sensuality can throw on a sundress with no bra and an old pair of sandals to meet friends in a cafe, and her efforts do not vary based on the gender of those she comes in contact with.

Carefree sensuality begins with confidence, not the confidence of a peacock strutting around a courtyard beckoning a glance from every passerby, but the confidence that allows for paying attention to surroundings and not being preoccupied with every detail of one’s self. She cares about how she looks but she is not obsessed with it. She emits a powerful energy force that attracts people of both genders while they have no idea why. It is a rich and decadent beauty that can’t be faked or bought in a bottle and goes far deeper than just looks, into the soul.


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  1. indigoblu
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 10:20:12

    I think that this is a great topic. I wrote a blog a few days ago that is in the same area as this called Envious|Nature|of Women. It’s true…a lot of women are obsessed their looks…and with the way OTHER women around them look, which often times turns into some crazy, prattle jealousy. If you love yourself and free your spirit, you’ll have confidence in yourself, and with real confidence (not arrogance), beauty will far exceed that of the physical every time.


  2. Mel
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 19:59:53

    I truly enjoyed your blog… where have you been hiding? LOL! I love your take on sensuality and its practicality in our daily normal functions & activities. Anyone can be cute but not everyone can be sensually beautiful!

    Kudos to you!


  3. ryosborne
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 01:54:17

    How would you define sensuality vs.sexuality?


    • Lisa Rasa Devi
      Sep 17, 2010 @ 13:20:25

      Hi Rebecca,

      Sexuality is relating to, involving, or characteristic of sex activity, relationships, gender, the sex organs, genitalia, and their functions. Sexual expression is natural and healthy, but not the same as sensual expression.

      Sensuality is all that which pertains to the senses or physical sensation–the faculties of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, by which humans perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body. Sensuality is much broader than sexuality because it includes stimulus from all of the sensory organs, not limited to those that affect sexual desire. Therefore, contrary to popular misconceptions, sensuality is not sex-centered, even though sex is indeed very sensual.

      A sensually expressive person is one who is mindful in the sensations she experiences and also plays an active role in expressing that sensitivity in a way that affects others’ perceptions of her. Sensual expression is highly individualized and can not be mechanically learned or defined by any static set of standards, the way that sexual expression has artificially become in our culture, i.e. a certain body type, hair color, movement, clothing style, specific behaviors, etc. Sensual people may very well be sexy, however, sensual expression does not mean making effort to be sexually revealing or arousing to others.

      How’s that?


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