Bad Fake Food

Oooh, I hate bad food.  I promised myself never to eat bad food because it is a waste of calories.  But I met some friends from out of town this weekend near the airport before their flight out.  I am not familiar with the airport suburbia and the fabulous restaurant we chose online was closed down.   The closest place was this awful chain joint that serves fake-ass Mexican food and we were hungry and didn’t have enough time for exploration. It sucked so bad that despite the great company my family came home hungry and cranky.  My ten year old daughter theorized that she had too much saturated fat, which was likely true because she could not bear to order anything faux Mexican so she had a corn dog and tater tots!  This is a child who eats fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil on ciabatta!  She has never been programmed to distinguish “kid food” from good food, thank goodness.


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