WAKE UP, AMERICA! McCain-Palin Supporters: What the Hell!?

I’ve got questions for you!  How is it possible that at a time when George W. Bush’s approval rating is hovering at 30% overall, and 61% among Republicans, that John McCain could even come close to pulling ahead of Barack Obama in the presidential candidate polls?  I took it upon myself to find the differences between Bush and McCain, not from his opponents, but from him or his supporters.  I found only one solid difference between Bush and McCain:  McCain does not support torture.  That’s it!  Now there were two more differences that he pointed out but they were by no means concrete.  First was that McCain claims that his administration would focus on climate change.  No details on how or what his views are.  The other was that he would be more humble in dealings with foreign affairs and does not support preemptive striking.

As for the economy, McCain says he would drastically reduce federal spending. He says that he will eliminate earmarks such as the bridge to nowhere in Alaska, a Woodstock museum in New York, and a study of bear DNA in Montana.  2008 earmarks added up to 18.3 billion dollars. He also proposes to slash discretionary spending, which is for federal programs.  If this were a good idea, he would give at least one or two examples of the types of programs that will be eliminated.  But there is no mention of them, most likely because the middle class voters would not likely agree with those cuts.  He plans to cut an additional 65 billion dollars from the mysterious “programs”.  Now all of this budget slashing talk is going on while the US is throwing away 100 billion dollars a year in Iraq!  With 100 billion dollars the US could keep its programs and still have money to improve schools and get healthcare for Americans.  Who is against that?  There is so much more.  Here is the actual plan put out by the McCain campaign’s senior economic advisor (not his opposition), read it for yourself: McCain’s Economic Plan

Now in walks Alaska hockey mom of 5, Sarah Palin, Yay!  But wait, who is she, and what does she stand for?  I am not sure but I do know that she may differ on some core issues from most women in our country today.  You know that we would love to see a goddess second in charge in this country.  But is she for or against what you actually believe in, and are you willing to blindly sacrifice the well being of this country and your family just to see her in office?  Having a vagina alone does not make her a good candidate.  Whether or not we believe in abortion for ourselves, most women in this country do on some level support a woman’s right to choose.  Palin supports the criminalization of abortion in all cases except to save the life (not the health) of the woman.  She compares herself to a pit bull.  I don’t think that is a good thing at all.  It sounds too similar to Bush’s blind stubbornness to “stay the course” no matter how wrongheaded the actions are proven to be.  Is that what the country needs at this time? I, as a mother, value the ability to assess situations as they unfold and adjust and sometimes re-adjust my actions accordingly for the best interests of my family.  Learn a little more about her issues here: Sarah on the Issues  On this site you can also look at where John McCain, Barack Obama, and Joseph Biden stand on the issues and take a quiz to compare yours to theirs, not completely scientific but helpful and pretty nifty.

This article is incomplete. I could write all day long on this but I don’t want to.  The bottom line is, please  EDUCATE YOURSELVES ON THE ISSUES!  What issues are important to you, and where the candidates stand on those issues.  Do not vote on race, gender, personality, or how you think candidates “identify with you”.  WAKE UP, AMERICA!