A Pleasurable Start: Change Need not be Painful

A few weeks ago I discovered a flat tire on my car when I was headed for work.  Oh, well so I took the train.  I was so happy to discover that the train took abyummymimosaout the same amount of time as driving and since I hate driving I took the subway to work every day since.  Yay, now I get to read, listen to my music, daydream, and walk through my neighborhood.

I was walking home this week and lo and behold!  The crocus are here!  Yes, in mid February.  I was inspired by the sign.  To me crocus flowers signify the coming of spring and spring fever.

I did call the life coach and set things up for next week.  In the meantime, I invited several of the strongest, smartest, most beautiful and fun lady friends over for brunch Sunday.  And they all rsvp’d yes!  Usually when I have a brunch the casual laughing and hanging out goes on and on into the evening and I make dinner and I love that.  Sometimes brunch ends at midnight!

So that’s the beginning.  I will be surrounded by love and beauty and share some delicious pancakes with warm berry compote, a vegetable frittata, smoked salmon, garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes, chocolate fondue, and mimosas.  A perfect way to start the week and encourage a renewal of sensuality.  Besides, I am famous for finding any reason in the world to have a party.


A New Day

Hello everybody, it’s been a long absence. But here I am again in the dead of winter, before the emergence of the crocus flowers, after two

Crocus Flowers from The Door Garden Blog

Crocus Flowers from The Door Garden Blog

MAJOR family losses (my dad and grandmother), and while being sucked dry of all creativity by an office day job that I took to lessen the blow of slow business in this withering economy. I have been feeling sorry for myself, and rightfully so for the past few months. I realize that I have stopped in my tracks, broken my stride, and been stuck, not going anywhere. Is this surprising, coming from a skilled lifestyle consultant? Perhaps. But it shouldn’t be. Everybody experiences the doldrums from time to time.

I haven’t had the energy or desire to write, create a mosaic project, dance, or countless other important activities that make me happy and keep me balanced. I haven’t been eating properly or making time for daily exercise and I had to buy some new pants because the old ones are too tight. I just finished the last of some bbq potato chip crumbs on the sofa, at 8am.  What happened to the sensual Goddess Lisa?

Ok that’s enough.  As a lifestyle consultant I know exactly what I need to do, where my weaknesses are, and what to do about it.  All it takes is the honest and true readiness for change.  My first course of action is to CONTACT MY LIFE COACH.  Yes, all great life coaches have life coaches.  (A lifestyle consultant is a form of life coach).  This is a testament to the fact that life coaching should not be considered to be a fix for broken people.  Life coaching is for people who are ready to make changes.  As a lifestyle consultant I already know a large portion of what needs to be done here–make time for fun, increase my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, schedule exercise time, incorporate incidental physical activity throughout the day, and get up and write in my blog on Saturday or Sunday mornings.   My life coach is going to provide much much more than the intellectual answers to problems.  She will back me up, encourage me, and put a virtual foot in my ass when I need it.  She knows my particular buttons to press, what makes me tick, and the concepts to bring to my attention when my own ego, which prefers the status quo comes in with critical discouragement.

Now this is not a shameless advertisement for my services as a lifestyle consultant, though I welcome you to call me if you are ready for change and are willing to invest in your success.

I am going to share with you Goddesses my journey back from a mess to fabulous.  I will chronicle my challenges and successes right here on Passion Fruit.  Your attention will help to keep me accountable and hopefully benefit those of you who either are thinking about change but not quite ready for it yet (there’s absolutely NO shame in that, your time will come) or for the Goddesses who don’t have the resources at this moment to invest in coaching or lifestyle consulting and wish to start work on your own.  Reading this chronicle is by no means a substitute for getting your own life coaching, because no matter how similar we may be each person is vastly different in his or her own individual needs, quirks, and triggers.  Not everything that works for me will work for you unless you are my clone.

So let’s go!  I’ve just taken the first step.  I promise to post again next week with an update and/or some literary bric-a-brac.