A Pleasurable Start: Change Need not be Painful

A few weeks ago I discovered a flat tire on my car when I was headed for work.  Oh, well so I took the train.  I was so happy to discover that the train took abyummymimosaout the same amount of time as driving and since I hate driving I took the subway to work every day since.  Yay, now I get to read, listen to my music, daydream, and walk through my neighborhood.

I was walking home this week and lo and behold!  The crocus are here!  Yes, in mid February.  I was inspired by the sign.  To me crocus flowers signify the coming of spring and spring fever.

I did call the life coach and set things up for next week.  In the meantime, I invited several of the strongest, smartest, most beautiful and fun lady friends over for brunch Sunday.  And they all rsvp’d yes!  Usually when I have a brunch the casual laughing and hanging out goes on and on into the evening and I make dinner and I love that.  Sometimes brunch ends at midnight!

So that’s the beginning.  I will be surrounded by love and beauty and share some delicious pancakes with warm berry compote, a vegetable frittata, smoked salmon, garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes, chocolate fondue, and mimosas.  A perfect way to start the week and encourage a renewal of sensuality.  Besides, I am famous for finding any reason in the world to have a party.


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