Having a Coach is Work!

It is the first week with my coach and I’ve already had two homework assignments.  You have to make time to do these things.  The best thing is that these assignments are interesting and eye-opening, unlike school homework.  When we have something to do it is so easy to get all caught up in thinking in terms of what needs to be done, to the extent that it can become overwhelming and then NOTHING gets done.  Coaches ask a million questions.  Often, getting the task done is hidden beneath all those questions.  I feel some energy bubbling up!


Practicing what I Preach: Start Small

This morning I woke up feeling terrible.  Unhappy to go to the office, my temporary place of captivity where people do not sunrissealways respect one another and where I am forced to hide my real self to preserve it from various harms.  I got out of bed and went downstairs to my chilly studio where I give workshops, parties, and bellydance lessons.  I lit a candle and an incense and put on some music.  Not quite the right music, because I couldn’t find that particular cd but I don’t have all day long.  I sat quietly gazing at the flame while my mind continued to race.   Then I let my attention rest on the dancing flame, which was being driven by a serious draft from the fireplace flue (I gotta take care of that).  Then away again my mind went, and then back to the flame again.  I imagined myself inside that flame.  Dancing within the flame and I began to feel the peace that I always felt when I meditated before seeing a client.  I always would meditate for a little while to bring myself out of any worries, problems, or concerns and to the present moment so that I can truly be here for the client.  I reminded myself of those warm days with the windows open and the fig tree swaying in the breeze when I was in charge of my world and generally content.

I got up, put out the candle, and sat down to write for a few minutes before I start my day.