Practicing what I Preach: Start Small

This morning I woke up feeling terrible.  Unhappy to go to the office, my temporary place of captivity where people do not sunrissealways respect one another and where I am forced to hide my real self to preserve it from various harms.  I got out of bed and went downstairs to my chilly studio where I give workshops, parties, and bellydance lessons.  I lit a candle and an incense and put on some music.  Not quite the right music, because I couldn’t find that particular cd but I don’t have all day long.  I sat quietly gazing at the flame while my mind continued to race.   Then I let my attention rest on the dancing flame, which was being driven by a serious draft from the fireplace flue (I gotta take care of that).  Then away again my mind went, and then back to the flame again.  I imagined myself inside that flame.  Dancing within the flame and I began to feel the peace that I always felt when I meditated before seeing a client.  I always would meditate for a little while to bring myself out of any worries, problems, or concerns and to the present moment so that I can truly be here for the client.  I reminded myself of those warm days with the windows open and the fig tree swaying in the breeze when I was in charge of my world and generally content.

I got up, put out the candle, and sat down to write for a few minutes before I start my day.


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