Apple Pie Success!

The apple pie was good.  On a scale of 1-10 I would give a 7.75.  The crust was buttery and flaky but may have needed a pinch more of salt.  The filling was good but I used a mixture of granny smith and yellow delicious apples.  The next time I will omit the yellow delicious apples because they just do not have the right texture.  I never liked those anyway.


Desperation Launches Foodie Adventure

For years and years I always bought Mrs. Smith’s deep dish apple pie for the holidays.  The crust was always light and flaky, the filling was never too sweet or too sour, and the pie was consistently delicious.  But recent changes (significantly less apples, omission of shrink wrap on the pie inside the box, and perhaps a change in recipe has frustrated me to no end.  I am so frustrated because now the pie is flat, the crust leaves much to be desired, and the pie tastes like the cardboard box it has been sitting in all the way from the factory to my house.  I can’t serve that nasty pie to any guests of mine.

So, what’s a foodie to do?  This holiday I plan to make a delicious, flaky-crusted, home made apple pie my damn self from scratch.  It’s probably all for the better since the frozen pie is pretty processed, and I generally eat or feed my family very little processed food for health and beauty reasons.

So here we go.  First I would like to try to make a (partly) whole grain version using white whole wheat flour.  That stuff is so awesome because it is not the coarse bitter red wheat we are used to in whole grain products.  I make a white whole wheat pizza crust that is pretty good.  I have a few weeks to do some trial and error.  I don’t care how many pies I have to bake before I get it right.  Anybody have tips?