I’m 40 Years Old Today!

So I woke up this morning.  The sun was shining.  My face didn’t look like a road map, my body didn’t suddenly become creaky and decrepit.  I went out today and yes, the same number of men were up in my grill as were when I was 39, and interestingly more than when I was 30.  I had a birthday coupon to my favorite clothing store so I hopped on a bus to it.  I bought some nice things and I didn’t feel the least bit sad because I wasn’t shopping at the teeny-bopper joint for low-rise skinny jeans only for super-unbootylicious little girls.  It was such a nice and warm (for January) day in the mid 50s-unlike last January 18 when it was 9 degrees that I walked to the several blocks to the train home.  So what’s all the hoopla about turning 40?  I am smarter and more fabulous than ever and life is good.  I’ll keep you all posted.


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