I’m Not a Cat Person but Oh, How I Loved My Kitty, Ziggy

Ziggy was our cat for about 5 years. We adopted him from another owner who adopted him from the shelter but discovered she was allergic.  He was tall, handsome, macho, and bad as hell. He loved to kick over the kitchen trash around 4 in the morning. He didn’t want us to know that he loved chicken tenders or french fries, so if we tried to give him one he’d roll his eyes and refuse. But if you left that food unattended for a second he’d snatch a tender or fry and take off somewhere. When we got him he was not very affectionate but over the past year or so he would climb onto my lap, but only late at night after everybody went to bed or when he wanted my attention while my best friend visited.

According to my husband, he and Ziggy had an ongoing battle for “control of the household”. I can’t verify that but Ziggy definitely preferred pretty girls and ladies, especially those with curly hair, to anyone male.

Ziggy recently became very ill and had to be put to sleep.  I’d never lost a pet before so I had no idea how much heartbreak ensues for the family.   I still wake up in the morning looking to see what mess he made overnight.  I look for him when I come home.  He was so funny and quirky but also snotty and aloof.  He was a gorgeous big, burly tiger.  But, so goes the cycle of life.  I love you Ziggyboo.


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  1. asetmusheera
    May 03, 2010 @ 13:01:08

    Ohhh no! I’m sooo sorry. I was shocked at how hurt I was when I lost my bird. Actually he wasn’t even mines, he was the kid’s but of course I was the one who really took care of him.


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