Nutritional Density: Let me break it on down (Part 1)

In a previous post, I declared that I am going to lose 10 pounds of fat in 30 days by eating nutritionally dense foods and fun activities.  I told a very good friend about it and by her response, I discovered that she does not quite get the concept of eating for nutritional density, rather than being on a diet.  This made me wonder if there are lots more of you out there who are having trouble with this brilliant idea of eating nutrient dense food.  I’m going to fill you in on what it is, how to do it, and the super-fabulous effects.  I’ll do this in 3, 4, oh maybe 10 bite-sized entries.

So, what does nutritionally dense mean?  It is similar to nutritious, except that it does not stop at simply the amount of essential vitamins, minerals, and other complicated nutritional components.  Nutritional density takes into consideration the number of calories in the food in relation to the nutritional value.  Ideally, we would choose to eat an item that has a lower calorie count and full of vitamins and minerals over a higher calorie item with fewer vitamins and minerals.

There is a handy list of common foods that are nutritionally dense here.

There are unlimited numbers of creative ways to incorporate these foods into your diet.  Most people who are not health nuts or foodies prefer to slowly introduce these foods.  I found it particularly pleasing to incorporate sensuality into these food adventures.

Generally, berries are nutrient dense.  If you wind up with a batch of not super sweet berries, warm a little honey in a small glass bowl and dip them.  Ok, the bowl needn’t be glass, that’s just one of my crazified foodie obsessions (I promise to tell you about that later)  I know the sweet honey will ramp up the calories but remember, we’re easing into this.  Generally these foods are whole (close to thier natural state–minimally or  not processed), beautifully colorful, and inexpensive. More guidelines to come.


10 Pounds, 30 days, and No Boring or Nasty Crap

I decided on September 5 that I want to lose 10 pounds of fat, not water or muscle in 30 days.   I lost weight and felt great in June of this year but much of that belly pooch has crept back again (which also lets me know that a lot of the original weight loss was water because the body can not put on that much fat so quickly).  I allowed the super hot weather influence me to stay inside in the air conditioning and drink my friend Reba’s home made rum punch and eat jank just a few times too many.

Fake Wax Food by


Now I want it all back, the fabulous feeling, the super high energy and the cute outfits.  So here’s my fool-proof plan.  I am not going on a diet.  I never do because they suck.  Right now I am focused on eating nutrient dense food (if anybody is interested I can provide more complete details on this, just let me know).  I’m not having any nasty fake processed food.    Only fresh, colorful, delicious, whole, gastronomic delights.  I have recipes.

Autumn is the absolute best time for this because of the bountiful harvest at the farmer’s markets.  There is such a variety of fresh, whole, delicious things to eat.   Honeycrisp apples will be available soon!  These are the most delicious apples I have ever had in my life.  I can’t get enough of them and my daughter will scarf down 2-3 of them in a day.  I get mad when she eats the last one and leaves me none.

Play is exercise.  I’m not buying a gym membership or an expensive  boring machine.  I am going to play. I have a big heavy hula hoop, a jump rope, Francie’s yoga class, my bellydance class, Wii Fit, Dance Dance Revolution, some good (crazy fast) soca music, and a bike.  That’s it: fun and play.

Anybody care to join me on the 10-pound 30-day adventure?

Man on Rat Wheel


This is not an ad for the yoga or bellydance classes although you are invited to join.  But you could also just dig in your own closet and find some toys to play with or even better, throw a huge fun soca dance party every weekend and invite me!  We can share ideas and experiences to help make this a non-painful, non-boring experience.

I must warn you though, there is actually more to this plan.  Balance is key.  For example, I know I want to go out with friends this weekend for wine and tapas.  I hate going out with (or being) one of those “I’m on a diet so I’m gonna have the salad and water at this great restaurant”-type people so I must offset this moderate indulgence with something–more activities, or decreased caloric intake.  There is a science to this.  Not rocket science, but a little bit of brain work is required.

Ok?  Let’s go!

Rowdy Gray Hairs: A Good Sign?

I was running late this morning.  My excuse is that I woke up with a few too many gray straggly hairs around my hairline and I had to remove them.

I have nothing against gray hair.  Salt and pepper locs are beautiful and distinguishing.  But my gray straggles are strange, wirey, and like to party. The rest of my dark hair is (nappy) coiled tightly enough to display my ethnic African ancestry, which makes for luxurious locs and I like that.  But the gray straggles are not coiled, not curly, not straight, not wavy.  They are crooked.  They are new and short so they’re not contained in my locs and they don’t know or care which way to go.  They absolutely refuse to join the dark hairs in my locs in an orderly fashion.  For those of you who know me, you know that I’m fairly methodical about keeping my hair neatly groomed and smelling fresh at all times.  So you know why these little buggers are getting on my last nerve.

The gray hairs like to get down.  They throw their hands in the air and wave them like they just don’t care.  And they really don’t care!

So here’s what I was thinking.  I do not have a problem with growing older.  As a matter of fact, I look forward to the time when I can just say whatever and the hell I want out my mouth and act a damn fool and get away with it.  People will say, “Don’t worry about that crazy Miss Lisa, she’s just old”…  Maybe the hairs are just giving me a vision of what’s to come. I won’t be going with the other orderly old ladies to the church or whatever.  I’m probably gonna stick all out, get all crooked, and wave my hands in the air and not care.