News Flash: Not all Black Women Wear Fake Hair

It’s weird, three people in the last month or so have said something to indicate that they assumed that I am wearing extensions, a weave, or a wig.  WTH?  Does my hair look fake? 

Ok, I realize that this is because of the terrifying profusion of fake hair being worn by my beautiful sistahs, and some women’s obsession with long hair at whatever cost, be it monetary or beauty.  Is it because of the movie “Good Hair”?  I was horrified by that movie too.  Before that film I had never seen a weave being applied either.

It is no secret that I can’t stand weaves and wigs.  Mostly because they have tainted the whole idea of black women with long hair.  I grew every single strand of these thick, luscious, nappy, long locs on my head from the follicles on my scalp. My hair is REAL.  It didn’t come from some poor Indian woman’s temple or a horse’s ass. Believe it.

I’m obsessive about the products I use and care I take of it.  I want it clean, fresh, and shiny at all times.  I’m glad you like it but please know that there are black women with beautiful (and long) hair, oh yes, there are others besides me!  Please do not automatically assume that some black woman’s hair cost a fortune or that she spends her days sitting up in a salon having it sewn onto her head.  Consider that some of us just might have real hair.


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