Noor Jihan: Art and Spirit in Motion

Some people meditate by sitting cross legged, frozen for hours.  Some people meditate with walking or dance, some people meditate on canvas or handmade parchment with paints, pastels, or charcoal.  My dear friend and spirit sister Francie Trainor, known as Noor Jihan does all of the above.  Noor Jihan means “light of the world”, and that she truly is.  That name was given to her by somebody somewhere, you’ll have to ask her about that. I met Noor something like sixteen years ago.  A good friend and coworker introduced me to her after much begging and pleading from me because she was a professional bellydancer who taught and I was an eager bellydance obsessed person.  We hit it off immediately, as most people do with Noor because of her powerfully gentle, kind personality.  She is an awesome dancer with a very elegant, fluid classical style.  She performs regularly at Marrakesh Palace in DC and Laziza in Fredricksburg VA and teaches monthly intermediate level workshops here in our Arts and Wellness Sanctuary.

Noor Jihan is also a formally trained professional visual artist.  Her paintings are deep and moody and depict a certain optimism in darkness.  Several of her paintings are on display at our Arts and Wellness Sanctuary. All of her works are very spiritual and reflect her rich ancient Celtic pantheistic roots.  Her pieces include all of herself, with no fragmentation.

Noor’s spirit art workshops center around nurturing creativity for spiritual transformation and gaining access to individual artistic expression.  Spirit art helps to relieve stress, heal emotional pain, and bring a quiet joy to life.  She begins her workshops with a deep, visual meditation to set the sacred security of the space and to help students to interpret their inner artist voices and awaken the creative passion within.  She encourages her students to let loose and play with color, shape, and texture.  The resulting piece is always worthy of being framed and displayed as soulful symbols of a personal journey or given away as precious gifts.  At the end, it looks and feels as though the work is literally a visual representation of pure love.

Noor sees beauty in everything, even things I swear are butt ugly.  She is excrutiatingly patient and truly believes that everybody is an artist, no matter their skill or confidence levels.  When she sees beauty, she causes everyone around her to recognize the beauty she sees, which makes creating art with her particularly comfortable for new artists of all ages.  She has spirit art workshops scheduled in November and December.


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