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Some thoughts for today.

I have read some Gurdjief, a lot of Rumi, and studied a bit about “detachment” through Yoga, Sufism and Buddhism. I learn and take what I can from them. The stars and the moon, the tides of the sea, the rhythms of the wind and song of birds, the rhythms of the seasons- these are my Gurus. They are the Mistresses and Masters of all learning, of all being, of becoming and un-becoming. They are the only Mistresses and Masters to whom I can surrender myself.

If my work is about wholeness, it is because of my studies of our fragmentation. Nature is about wholeness, is wholeness. When something is out of balance, Nature re-balances itself. We seem to have built our societies on a culture of fragmentation, rather than integration and wholeness, which lead to growth. My answer to this is to paint women making themselves whole again, wholly integrated with Nature, because we are part of Nature, and to paint trees, and the sea and the moon. Over and over I try to present wholeness.

Noor Jihan is the Goddess of Art and Spirit in Motion. She’s a mystical, magical, woo woo, sparkly faerie mermaid whose favorite phrase is, “shut up and dance”. She is an elegant and graceful bellydancer, a patient, gentle, but tough vinyasa yoga instructor, and a talented painter. There is a deeply feminine, pantheistic, soulful energy to everything she creates. She is an animal lover, herbalist, experienced reiki practitioner, and tarot reader, and is always willing to share her priceless wealth of spiritual wisdom.


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  1. Lisa Rasa Devi
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 22:49:43

    Welcome to the blog, Noor Jihan! Thank you so much for your post and your brilliant posts to come.


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