No Fake Ass Food and (New Rule) No Real Food Faking as Other Food

I saw this “healthy mac and cheese recipe” and my foodilicious panties got all in a bunch!  I am all for taking a classic dish and making it a little healthier.  Like greens, nowadays I use smoked turkey neck to season them if I’m using meat at all, instead of the traditional pork.  Or using whole grain pastry flour to make my pizza crust.

I saw this on the site of a totally cool healthy foodie but she lost major points on this one.  Here’s what’s in the fake ass healthy “mac and cheese”:

Looks delish huh?

spaghetti squash
nutritional yeast
Arrowroot starch (just for thickening)
lemon, juiced
dry mustard
sesame seeds or tahini
miso paste
sea salt

WTH!!!!  Does your macaroni and cheese normally taste nutty?  Lemony?  There’s no cheese nor anything remotely cheese-like!  I wanted this to be a good dish when I saw the spaghetti squash.  It has the shape of pasta but not the texture.  If you’re okay with that then mo’ power to you.  But one of the major attractions to mac and cheese is its TEXTURE!  It’s just not acceptable.  I’m being closed minded.  I’m not gonna even try that crap.  I may have been a little more understanding if this were not even offered as a mac and cheese alternative, but as spicy, lemony, nutty squash crap.  I’d try it then.

I have a better alternative to mac and cheese that won’t piss you off, cheesy quinoa.  Although quinoa is technically a seed it has a starchy mouthfeel.  And when you add some real cheese–badow!  you’ve got something your family won’t stage a violent mutiny over.  And oh, so simple:

Prepare quinoa as the instructions say.

Add a little milk or soy milk, stir in some mild cheddar cheese, and salt to taste.

Trust me!  I wouldn’t try to pull the wool over your foodie eyes.

It’s fine to substitute or make things similar to others but the nutty-lemony spaghetti squash trying to pass as macaroni and cheese is simply perpetrating a serious fraud.  Remember, everything tasty won’t kill you.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. tj
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 21:41:17

    whoohooo! I love REAL mac & cheese & I think the quinoa switch sounds great! YUM!


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