Working Smarter, not Harder, for Fitness

This morning I went for a 3-3.5 mile brisk walk.  I am recovering from some bizarre (and common) knee ailment that involves pain, clicking, crunching, and swelling.  I don’t even remember any injury.  I just woke up one morning busted.  So, today I’m not having any knee discomfort, even after my morning exercise. I’m happy about this.

Usually when I go out to walk I end up running.  I hate running but in my mind I’m getting it over with so I speed it up.   It used to Not my goalbother me when the strange bone-thin ultra-animated yuppie snot showoffs rudely breeze past me (invading my personal space).  But not today.  Things are different.  AND, today a rude dork came very close to getting flattened by an SUV that I had stopped at the intersection to avoid, how embarrassing, that snot.

Anyway, back to running vs. walking.  I am fully aware that in the end your can get rid of more fat for the amount of exercise time by running.  But when you start having aches and pains, like last year’s boot camp injury, plantar fasciitis, it’s time to tone it down.  My body sent me a message and I am listening. I’m not 20 years old anymore.  I need my feet and knees for what I love, dancing.  So I’m not running anymore.  I will have to exercise longer at the lower intensity to get the same results.  It’s well worth it to me to not dread my workout and also to not have these injuries that could stop me from dancing forever.  I have a friend in her mid 40s who just had a hip replacement and is learning how to walk again, thanks to her ignoring of her body telling her that running was destroying her.  I certainly don’t want to go through that.

There are plenty of other things that I can do to make up that calorie-burning deficit.  Things that I think are fun and don’t seem like exercise, like (belly, soca, freestyle, wild woman) dance!

Lesson to be learned: one size does not fit all.  We each have a set of abilities and limitations that need to be considered when we set our fitness challenges and goals.  It’s best to do an honest assessment and adjust accordingly.  Most of us are not designed to be a size zero.  But all of us can become a little fitter, a little sexier, and a little happier with a customized plan of action that doesn’t involve pain and torture.  LifeBliss Solutions is launching a program to help you get your groove back in March.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Yum Yucky
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 17:21:45

    Gah! That pain, clicking, crunching, and swelling combo is not good. But good thing you are listening to your body and improvising. Some people will just go too hard anyway. Or won’t do anything at all. Not so good.


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