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Hello beauties!  Yes, we’re moving.  Our content will be the same but the blog will be a part of the LifeBliss Solutions website.  This will be convenient for you because you will be able to get the fantastic Goddess lifestyle goodies and LifeBliss Solutions news and event information all in one place!

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I’m thinking about keeping Passion Fruit though.  Maybe make it into a tantra blog?  Hmmm.



We are on our way down to the National Mall to be a part of history today on this dawn of the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States of America. We are going to find out what all the visitors are thinking. Stay tuned, we’ll be back with photos and words.120917

Excitement is REALLY building here in Washington DC! People are wandering all around the streets wearing Barack Obama gear now, just after midnight! My aunts are spending the night on the National Mall, and we’ll join them at 4 or 5 am ready to PAR-TAY!!!!!!! Stay tuned for more updates.lisacapitol2

Goddess History – Quick Version

In ancient times, the initial concept of a higher being was feminine. Most societies worshipped the Goddess, the Great Mother, creator, provider, and sustainer. Civilization was matriarchal, however, there is little archaeological evidence that the female members of these societies held themselves superior overVenus von Willendorf their male counterparts. Humankind was in harmony with nature. The women had the common sense not to become drunk with power and abusive. Generally Goddess worship had been balanced with the honoring of both the male and the female.

Eventually, as societies became less agrarian and more technological, the Goddess was replaced with a mighty but wrathful male god figure, and the ensuing cultural programming of patriarchy separated human beings from the biological reality of the natural world. Thus, the masculine attributes of aggression, greed, and hyper-competitiveness became exaggerated and dominant while the feminine characteristics of giving, nurturing and creativity of the species were repressed. As a result, there arose a violent and pathological imbalance in the culture. This was reflected in the devaluation and gross abuse of women in the culture at large, and the replacement of the feminine values of peace and cooperation by that wayward male ego–manifesting itself in excessive competition, domination and needless violence. Over the years, men accumulated power and wealth without giving proper regard to the consequences. People began dying from heart disease and respiratory illnesses, brought on by psycological stress and environmental degradation. Sadly, in this dark age of declining cultural values concepts such as justice, equality, human rights, and common sense disappeared.

We are now into a time where women are reclaiming their rightful place as equals in society. It is our responsibility as worldly Goddesses to restore health, harmony, and respect as the cornerstone of our cultures.