Goddess Glossary: Words Every Goddess Should Understand (Warning – Explicit Language)

These are definitions of commonly used and misused words in the American English language. Why is it that so many terms have changed from their original or historical meanings into words that are disparaging to women, and there are no equally negative terms to disparage males? Although word usage does evolve over time, it is fruitless to try and reclaim words that have been used disparagingly. It just never works and exacerbates the problem of the abusive words. The solution is to either return to the original intended use of the word or make the word obsolete by ceasing to use it. As Goddesses, we are required to demand a higher standard of treatment by determining what words are appropriate and rejecting those that are offensive to our divine feminine.

Every Goddess should know what these words mean, when and when not to use them, and when and when not to allow them to be used on them. I encourage commentary and suggestions to add more terms to the glossary.

bitch – a female canine; frequently used as an offensive term for a woman, taken to mean that she is malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, or unpleasant; Generally, this term is used to indicate that the person is acting outside the confines of their gender roles, such as when women are assertive or aggressive, or when men are passive or servile.

cunt – an EXTREMELY abusive, dehumanizing term used to refer to female genitalia, or a woman. Also considered to be the most offensive word in the English language. How is it that the source of life and the object of men’s most desperate desire could be called such a thing?!!! It is NEVER, in any circumstances okay to use this term or allow someone to use it to refer to you or your parts, EVER!

diva – a prima donna; a wannabe Goddess, someone whose ego is overdeveloped and divine spirit is underdeveloped.

divine feminine – sacred female; spiritual power of femininity; womanhood valued.

fuck – general disgust; also used to describe bad or humiliating treatment; derogatory term for sexual intercourse; don’t let anyone fuck you, EVER!

girl – a female child (under age 18 or 21) Girls night out is not for Goddesses.


Goddess – a grown and sexy woman; a woman who strives to make informed, conscious choices that benefit her health, beauty, and spiritual wellness.

hoe – a garden tool; nickname for whore; prostitute

pussy – a kitten; a derogatory term for female or slang for female genitalia but sometimes used endearingly–use your discretion here.

Shakti – sacred force, power, or energy is the concept or personification of the divine feminine aspect, sometimes referred to as ‘The Divine Mother’; creative life-force; female spiritual sexual energy; Shakti represents the active, dynamic principles of feminine power.

Yoni – (Hindu) – divine passage; sacred temple (respectfully and lovingly referring to human female genitalia), including its physical form as well as spiritual form.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. sarah rlk
    May 17, 2008 @ 16:19:42

    More history on “cunt” would help me know why it is so abusive. What is it derived from?
    Some of these words can be used in ways that are playful and speak to the juiciness of our lives – at least that’s how I see it.


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